Staying Healthy while Travelling – Your Wellness on The Road

Planes – Trains & Automobiles: The Healthy Traveller

Maintaining a consistent diet while on the road is difficult enough and adding in a workout when you are in between locations can be even more challenging.The reality is, however, that you body doesn’t know that you are on holiday or heading to an important meeting 6 hours away from home. It just knows if you are doing the things that it needs and want in order to maintain its health and wellness.

Fortunately most of the exercises that are part of a recovery regime, in so far as chiropractic treatment, Osteopathic treatment, Physiotherapy or other modalities, involve only your own body and the space in which you can move it.

That being said a 12 hour plane trip might not offer a lot of space to lay on you back, but the good news is that most of us aren’t frequently stuck in the sky for that long, and airports are very spacious. So then, as long as you are not to shy to have a few passers by look you way as you perform some basic yoga like stretching and movements as you wait by your gate.


For the most part the exercises that you need to do on the road are the same as those that should be part of the routine while you are in your own home. The critical element here is to avoid remaining stationary for long periods of time. This can cause your body to become rigid and, depending on where you are in your overall healing process create setbacks for you.