Andrade-Chiropractic is not a business providing any particular service, but rather, giving you a few useful bits of information within the realm of functional health and wellness, specifically as it pertains to the field of chiropractic treatment and spinal well being. The term ” a pain in the neck” isn’t something that came out of the blue. Anyone who has been stuck with a kink while trying to get some sleep, or had the symptoms of even a very mild case of whiplash know what its like to deal with this kind of discomfort.

We simply like to point out a few features of the industry for those who are less informed, but in need of something to lead them to the help they may need. Whether that help is now or in the future. Interestedly enough, 30% of us are likely to have a severe injury that destabilizes our functionality for a period of time, before we are 40 years of age. Good to get informed before that happens.